The fall season has just begun, which means you should start thinking about fall maintenance tasks such as a furnace inspection. In today’s post, local furnace and AC repair company Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. shares the benefits of keeping up with a regular furnace maintenance routine.

Furnace Maintenance

1. You’ll stay warm all winter — You need a heating system that you can count on in the winter. The last thing you need is for your furnace to break down in the middle of the season — something that’s usually caused by a lack of maintenance. Keeping up with your furnace’s scheduled maintenance can help ensure your family’s comfort all-winter-long.

2. Avoid expensive furnace repairs — Like most other home systems, furnaces will become damaged over time from wear and tear. Regular inspections and scheduled maintenance will enable your HVAC technician to spot potential problems and take preventative action. The sooner signs of such problems are found, the fewer required repairs there will be and the less their associated costs. It can also help you avoid an unplanned furnace installation. Having your maintenance completed in the fall also means that, in the event your furnace does require repairs, your home won’t be as uncomfortable as it would be if you were to have repairs done in the middle of winter.

3. Prevent carbon monoxide leaks — Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of fuel not burning completely. High concentrations of his odorless, colorless gas can starve the human body of oxygen and cause loss of consciousness and flu-like symptoms. Prolonged exposure to it can even be fatal. During a furnace inspection, an HVAC professional will test your furnace for leaks, perform repairs and make sure that all waste by-products are properly vented through the chimney.

4. Improve indoor air quality — Furnaces are equipped with air filters that catch indoor air pollutants and prevent them from moving throughout your home. Air filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly; otherwise, they’ll allow said pollutants to recirculate in your home. This would also block airflow and increase the workload on your furnace, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

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