Tankless water heater services provide immediate hot water at the touch of a button (or turn of a faucet). Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a variety of services including installation, replacement, regular maintenance, and repairs on tankless water heaters.

What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater provides consistent hot water upon request as the water is heated at point of use. The science behind the tankless water heater is the same as a regular water heater, just without the need for storage of excess water. A regular water heater heats the entire amount of water being stored in the tank which can lead to excessive energy and waste of hot water.

Our Tankless Water Heater Services

Installation, replacement, regular maintenance, and repairs on tankless water heaters are just some of the quality services Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers. Our experience and trust in the line of our products allows us to provide excellent services to our customers across Peel, York, and Durham southwest regions.

We offer friendly and efficient service by top experts in the field. For peace of mind, we offer an emergency 24/7 contact service for all products.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers an in-home assessment to demonstrate how a tankless water heater installation in Mississauga can enhance your household’s busy lifestyle. We offer compact tankless water heaters that can serve your needs as it only heats the amount of water used. Our highly trained technicians will perform the installation with minimal disruption.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Tankless water heater repairs in Mississauga are always needed at the most inopportune times. Regular water heaters can overheat or even leak, damaging the flooring and nearby objects. A tankless water heater offers fewer worries and can be quickly repaired if problems do arise. Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a repair program that meets your needs.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

For our customers requiring tankless water heaters maintenance in Richmond Hill, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. has an Annual Maintenance Plan and a Maintenance and Protection Plan. Our friendly technicians perform extensive inspection and maintenance to ensure the tankless water heater is in top energy efficiency mode.

We Provide Rental Programs for Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters can be the solution to a home’s water system. A new system can also be a great investment. Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers our systems, installation, and maintenance programs at affordable rates. To help our customers, we also offer the same high-efficiency system on a low-payment rental program. This payment option provides customers with 24/7 free maintenance year-round.

Call Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. for Tankless Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Enhance your home comfort with tankless water heater maintenance in Mississauga. Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. has the specialized equipment and certified technicians to offer regular and emergency repair services for tankless water heaters. Talk to us about our affordable rental services! Call 905-763-2400 today!