At Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., we offer a variety of services including heat pump installation. A heat pump offers year-round comfort by transferring outdoor air into warm indoor air thanks to the help of thermal energy. During the summer months, a heat pump expels the inner heat to the outside of the home.
Our service stands apart from our competitors as we guarantee to provide you with the right heat pump for your home to promote a comfortable living space. We base our calculations on the parameters of the structure, not the square footage. This allows us to heat more space in your home.

Heat Pump Installation

With our heat pump installation in Richmond Hill, the process highly depends on the various designs and types of heat pumps used. The two main types of heat pumps are ground source and air source pumps.

Existing homeowners may opt to install air source pumps since the units are installed outside of the home, whereas ground pumps require the installation of piping through the ground for geothermal abilities.

What Are the Basic Steps for Installing Heat Pumps?

There are a few basic steps when installing a heat pump, although the heat pump installation process can vary from home to home.

Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. takes the worry out of installation by delivering and installing the outdoor unit(s), preparing the access points and pipe connection, and connecting all wiring. Our trusted technicians will perform a quality assurance test and performance to ensure the heat pump system is working efficiently and safely.

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

Although heat pumps are a safer and more modern form of heating system, they still require maintenance and upkeep. In between regularly scheduled maintenance calls, you should follow this heat pump maintenance checklist:

  • Ensure the outdoor heat pump unit is free of snow and ice build-up to allow for proper airflow.
  • Plant flower beds and shrubs at least 45 cm away from the unit and immediately remove any grass, debris, or foliage that has landed on the sides of the unit.
  • Provide proper clearance under the heat pump for water drainage
  • Replace or clean the filters once a month.
  • Maintain the inner thermostat above 65 degrees during the colder months and above 70 degrees in the summertime

Contact Econoair Heating & Cooling to Install Heat Pumps

Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. is a team of professionally certified technicians who offer installation, maintenance, and services of all heating systems, including our top-quality heat pumps. We also offer a heat pump rental program. In addition to the low-payment plan, our program offers no-cost repairs, scheduled maintenance, and checkups. Call 905-763-2400 for an in-home consultation.