With regular maintenance and proper care, furnaces can last anywhere from 15 – 20 years. While this is an impressive lifespan, there comes a time when a new furnace becomes necessary, both for economic and practical reasons.

New furnace installation can be somewhat daunting; however, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. knows the most efficient aspects of furnace repair and install in Mississauga and our other convenient service areas. You can count on our technicians to make the process as quick and straightforward as possible, ensuring your furnace installation is to your complete satisfaction.

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Furnace Services

When is it Time to Install a New Furnace?

As mentioned before, the average furnace lifespan is between fifteen and twenty years with routine maintenance. Yet, poorly maintained or aging furnaces are often the culprit of rising energy and repair bills, ultimately leading to the conclusion that a furnace replacement is necessary.

Along with our furnace repair services in Mississauga, Econoair provides professional furnace installation in Mississauga and surrounding areas using top-quality furnace systems to exceed your expectations. Our certified technicians will inspect your current heating system and assess whether a repair is possible or if a new efficient furnace system is a better option. No matter what, we will always relay all information honestly, and with integrity, so you can trust you are getting the right solutions for your home or business.

Our Furnace Installation Process

True to our motto for quality, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. is pleased to offer Carrier and Trane heating systems. Once you have selected the optimal top-brand furnace to suit your needs, it is time to schedule your furnace replacement and installation. 

Every home and building is unique and presents a particular set of challenges. Econoair’s certified and trained technicians have the experience required to effectively and proficiently disengage and dismantle your current furnace without causing damage or ongoing interruption. In addition, our technicians carefully remove your old furnace system while ensuring everyone’s safety and meeting all regulatory requirements.

As your trusted ductless heat pump contractors near you, we have mastered the art of installing new furnaces with as little interruption to your schedule as possible. Standard installations typically take 5 – 8 hours to complete, with exceptions for small or odd spaces requiring extra planning or labour.

Our Econoair technicians have the necessary certifications and experience to provide a thorough and professional furnace installation, including the following:

Respect for you and your property at all times

  • Careful attention to detail with efficiency in mind
  • Neat and tidy appearance and workspace involving drop cloths
  • Skilled and quality workmanship that meets or exceeds all local building code compliance standards
  • A complete inspection, checklist, and customer review to ensure your new furnace is performing properly

Not only can you count on Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. for your furnace installation, but we provide complete heating and air conditioner services in Mississauga and the surrounding area with guaranteed satisfaction in all our work.

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Why You Need the Professionals to Install Your Furnace

The DIY industry can lead people to question whether they can handle a gas furnace repair in Mississauga or install their new furnace. As tempting as this is, furnace installation is a precise and challenging process that is better left to qualified and knowledgeable professionals.

In addition to meeting the required building and safety codes, which also ensure you haven’t made gravely dangerous errors, there are several intricate aspects to installing a furnace. Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. technicians work tirelessly to provide ultimate installation services that tick every box on our extensive checklist to guarantee maximum efficiency and proper airflow for your furnace.

Some vital considerations for your high-energy furnace installation include the following:

Installing Your Furnace on the Level

Not all buildings or homes have perfectly smooth and even floors, nor are the furnace rooms initially designed to house differently shaped units than the original furnace. As a result, installation challenges can include uneven or misshapen floors. Additionally, as the furnace requires a level surface, your installer must coordinate and maneuver adequate levelling solutions to ensure nothing is out of perfect balance.

Installing a furnace on the level avoids heat exchanger damage. In addition, adequate airflow is necessary to ensure negative pressure doesn’t build up in the furnace room or installation space.

Elbows and Ductwork

Professional furnace installation includes having proper flue design to account for the number of required elbows. Elbows slow the flow of air and can significantly impact the efficiency of your furnace if improperly installed. While flue design typically occurs before the furnace installation, anything over two elbows is considered a red flag.

Our certified HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify any challenges beforehand and be sure to accommodate for red flags before installation day.

Chimneys and Venting

Further to levelling the furnace and ensuring the proper installation of the elbow and ductwork network, the pros at Econoair know the precise requirements for your furnace’s chimney placement and adequate ventilation.

Utilizing the specifications of your new furnace in conjunction with your property’s unique construction, our technicians can account for proper vent pitch and chimney requirements to ensure adequate ventilation of gases and any liquid drainage needed. 

As you can see, furnace installation involves much more than just “hooking it up.” Trust the experts at Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. to install your furnace right the first time.

Beyond Furnace Installation

Of course, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. does more than just furnace installation and repair. Our extensive list of services includes gas fireplaces, new air conditioning systems, and tankless water heater repair in Mississauga and other surrounding communities, all of which ensure our customers never go without the HVAC services and products they need when it really counts.

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