As part of our residential furnace services in Mississauga, the team at Econoair Heating and Cooling Inc. offers regularly scheduled maintenance, repairs, and installation to cover all of your home furnace needs. We work with various types of heating equipment that can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace.

Furnace Installation in Mississauga

Our furnace services in Mississauga extend to the installation of the ductwork and furnaces under the Carrier and Trane heating systems. We perform a home assessment to match our top-quality equipment to the needs of the residence. Our installation service includes the removal of any existing furnace and fixtures in a timely and effective manner. Econoair is focused on meeting all regulatory requirements and ensuring the safety of the home occupants. Our residential furnace installation services in Mississauga are performed by top industry experts.

We guarantee to work with respect to your property and home by presenting a tidy workspace complete with drop cloths and no damage to your structures. Our highly qualified technicians will perform the installation with little to no interruption to your schedule while providing quality workmanship. We adhere to the highest standards of local building and bylaw codes and perform a complete inspection of the workings of your new system.

Furnace Repair Services in Mississauga

You can rely on Econoair’s services for furnace repair in Mississauga by contacting our 24/7 emergency repair call center. Our team is certified for all furnace jobs for reliable repair services. We offer affordable budget-friendly services with no hidden costs or fees.

It should be noted that at any time if you experience a burning sensation in your nose or eyes, severe headaches, nausea, or disorientation, open a window and call our emergency repair line as soon as possible.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Tune-Ups

The benefits of regular furnace maintenance outweigh the costs and risks associated with performing checkups every few years.

Lower Your Energy Bill

In Ontario, the long cold winters can see heating responsible for more than half of the utility bill. Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance services can help lower the costs associated with home heating as well as help your home be more energy-efficient overall. Having a well-tuned furnace, a programmable thermostat, and good ventilation throughout the house can help to reduce heating expenses.

Prevent Emergency Breakdown

No one wants to wake up on a cold night to no heat. Regular maintenance can uncover potential issues that can quickly become major and costly problems. Without a regular checkup, a furnace can be susceptible to water leaks, continuous blowing of cold air, and frequent shutdowns which all can lead to high power bills. Our technicians have an extensive list of components to check and double-check with every visit.

Prevent Potential Gas Leaks

As part of our regular furnace maintenance, Econoair’s technicians meticulously check for any issues including potential gas leaks. We check the fuel supply line, the output, the tanks, and the furnace itself. We take all precautions to ensure the unit and its fixtures are safe as a gas such as carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless.

Help Your Furnace Last Longer

Just as regular car maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of the vehicle, regular furnace maintenance can help your heating system continue to work. For a furnace to work well, it requires a regular cleaning schedule to ensure all components are in good condition. Filters are changed, gears are oiled, and stretched fan belts are replaced to keep the heat running throughout the winter months.

Maintains Healthy Air Quality

A furnace that is well-tuned and produces quality heat will also ensure the air quality of the home is not adversely affected. The filters within a furnace help to capture any airborne particles that are produced by the unit itself, preventing them from clogging the ventilation system

Signs Its Time to Replace Your Furnace

As the cold winter winds howl outside, you want to depend on your heating system to keep your family safe and warm. Before the temperatures drop, there are signs to watch for that can indicate it is time for a furnace replacement in your Mississauga home.

Furnace issues that change over time or suddenly appear may indicate a need for replacement. These signs may include high humidity levels, cracks in the system, unexplained increases in heating bills, hot and cold sensations throughout the house, and cold air blowing through vents. Strange and loud humming, buzzing, screeching, or rattling from the furnace unit can also indicate there is an issue.

Regular service maintenance can also uncover furnace problems as our technicians may note if there are frequent repair callouts and/or excessive soot or dirt accumulation.

Hire Econoair’s Experienced Professionals for All Furnace Services at a Competitive Price

At Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., we provide full furnace maintenance, installation, and repair services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your emergency needs.

Our goal is to ensure all customers are comfortable with the help of our heating and cooling services. We offer affordable rates, exclusive rebates, financing offers, and assistance with the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program.

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