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Do you know when to have regularly scheduled gas fireplace maintenance? To ensure the safety of the home occupants and the proper heat distribution, gas fireplace cleaning services are essential on a regular basis.

A gas fireplace works by having a form of gas (natural gas or propane) flow through valves into the fireplace. These valves only remain open when the fireplace is in use. The level of heat can be adjusted via the thermostat that controls the pilot assembly within the gas fireplace.

Any debris buildup or damage to the valves and other components within the fireplace can cause serious incidents that require a highly trained technician to address.

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Do Gas Fireplaces Needs to Be Cleaned?

Yes, like any heating or cooling mechanical unit, a gas fireplace requires cleaning by a professional technician from time to time. While propane or natural gas are clean-burning fuels, they still produce particles that can damage the unit and block ventilation systems.

How Frequently Do Gas Fireplaces Need to Be Cleaned?

Gas fireplaces may not need to be cleaned as often as wood stoves or wood fireplaces, but it is important to have regular service at least once a year. Most maintenance packages have plans for frequent gas fireplace cleaning in Richmond Hill units. This provides an opportunity to check for potential issues while removing any dirt or debris that can lead to breakdowns.

6 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Maintenance

As a complex mechanical unit, it may be necessary to call a technician for gas fireplace maintenance in your Richmond Hill home. Here are some signs you need fireplace servicing.

On & Off Malfunction

The off-and-on switch of a gas fireplace can cause the unit to malfunction, forcing the homeowner to require immediate assistance. A knowledgeable technician can determine if the issue is a fuse, dead millivolt generator, the buildup of dirt and carbon, a jam within the burner, or a malfunctioning thermopile.

Pilot Light Indication Fails

A gas fireplace is designed to provide instantaneous heat at the touch of a button. When that button does not work, it could be a problem with the pilot light. Pilot lights often fail due to faulty wiring or an issue with the inner component known as the thermopile. Either way, a professional repair service should be notified.

Rotten Egg Smell

We all know the rotten egg smell is a sign of an issue in any use of gas. While natural gas is odourless in practical terms, a harmless chemical known as mercaptan is often added to the gas supply for such reason. It alerts homeowners to a problem with the gas if there is a leak in the supply line or the fireplace. Evacuate the home before calling for help.

Soot Buildup

With any visible amount of soot covering the inside of the gas fireplace or along the exterior and interior vent hood, it is best to call for repair service. It could be an indication of a malfunction of the ventilation system itself or signs of a significant buildup within the as fireplace.

Glass Is Getting Cloudy

The glass inserts of gas fireplaces tend to become covered in soot, giving a cloudy effect on the outside looking in. This can happen even with regular maintenance because, as the cold temperatures set in outside, homeowners might choose to use their gas fireplace more often.

Wear & Tear

All heating and cooling appliances need attention over time due to regular wear and tear on the unit. A gas fireplace can see components needing to be replaced or repaired from year to year as it is usually used in abundance for several months at a time during Ontario winters.

Contact Econoair Heating & Cooling for Gas Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance

For general maintenance or repairs of your gas fireplace, talk to the team at Econoair Heating & Cooling. Our certified expert technicians are available 24/7 for all emergency repairs. As with our maintenance packages on water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers, our gas fireplace maintenance and protection plan can ensure your home remains warm all winter long. Contact us today to learn more.

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