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The cold winter temperatures will soon give way to warmer weather. Schedule a spring AC maintenance service now to avoid waiting for weeks to turn on the desired cooler airflow.

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system requires regular maintenance and repairs to ensure it continues to provide comfort year-round. With the AC portion not being used for a number of months, chances are, it will need a thorough cleaning and possible repairs to withstand the upcoming summer months.

In this article, we look at the top reasons why you should schedule a checkup, cleaning, and maintenance appointment for your air conditioning unit in the coming weeks.

AC Maintenance

Better Scheduling Availability

Reserving a springtime appointment for air conditioner maintenance early will ensure that you get an appointment that works with your busy schedule. With warmer weather, many HVAC companies become busy with other customers and commercial developments. The in-between season schedule can be the perfect time to have a checkup and maintenance performed. It also gives you time if special parts need to be ordered and installed before the unit is used.

Lower Chances of a Mid-Summer Breakdown

A springtime cleaning and maintenance service reduce the chances of the AC system breaking down when you need it the most. Hiring a certified AC technician will ensure all moving components are oiled and in good working condition. This also includes maintenance of electrical connections, condensate and refrigerant lines, and testing of the blower components. In fact, a spring checkup can uncover potential problems that can occur in the middle of a heat wave. This is exactly what we want to avoid.

Fewer Repairs

Having regular maintenance services on any type of equipment or machinery lowers the risk of frequent repairs. This holds true with a spring tune-up of an AC system. Regardless of the model or brand, AC units will require repairs and replacements over time. Lack of cleaning and service maintenance increases the need for repairs. A scheduled maintenance call is substantially cheaper than paying for frequent repair bills.

More Reliability on the AC Unit

Being able to rely on the AC system is priceless during the dog days of summer. Without the use of the unit for a period of time over the winter months, the components can become covered in dust and possibly clogged. A maintenance checkup in the springtime can ensure proper working conditions when the temperatures rise.

Extends AC Units Life

An AC system is an investment in your business or home. Extending the lifespan of the unit with regular checkups and cleaning services can see the system last up to 15 years. With a lack of maintenance, an AC system will operate at low efficiency over a five to eight-year span.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

We all strive to improve energy efficiency in our homes and businesses. Unless the AC system is an older model, most modern units are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. Regular service on the AC system will help improve efficiency by cleaning components and ensuring all parts are in top working order. This is particularly important with spring maintenance as any particles collected within the system components over the winter months can lower the efficiency of the unit.

Minimum Energy Cost

This may be music to most homeowners’ ears. Regular AC maintenance provides an opportunity to lower utility bills. A system that needs to work harder due to dirty filters and coils will cause more power to be used and at longer intervals.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioner maintenance in Toronto is one of the methods to improve the indoor air quality of a home or office. The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) qualifies air quality as the condition of the air in structures in relation to the quality of a person’s health and comfort. A scheduled maintenance service will inspect for existing, and the potential risk of, mold and bacteria caused by pollutants.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranties

To ensure the manufacturer warranty of the air conditioning system remains intact, it is crucial to maintain regular AC services in Toronto. Whether the system offers a five or ten-year warranty on specific parts, the warranty provider requires documentation of regular maintenance. Most warranties will be acknowledged only with proof of service by a certified technician.

What Is Econoair’s 7-Point Safety Check Process for Air Conditioners?

Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a 7-point safety check on your air conditioning system. This maintenance service includes the removal of any debris, operation testing, and measurement of temperatures on the airflow and of the evaporator coil.

Our certified technicians will also monitor compressor and fan air draw, the function of the condensate system and evaporator coil, and check the operating pressure. The superheat and subcooling readings are also measured.

Contact Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. for Spring AC Maintenance in Toronto

For spring AC services, have the experts at Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. schedule regular maintenance. In addition to our comprehensive 7-point checkup, we provide warranties, competitive pricing, and a full diagnostic plan. Call us at (905) 763-8100 today to book your spring appointment.

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