Along with taking vacations, summer is also a great time to declutter and take care of household cleaning and maintenance tasks, including scheduling regular maintenance for the HVAC system to ensure it will efficiently provide great indoor air quality on hot summer days. Today, furnace repair company Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. shares some tips to familiarize yourself with regarding protecting your unit while doing yard work.

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Make sure your outdoor unit is shaded. You’re guaranteed to have a cooler microclimate when your yard is in the shade than an outdoor space that’s under direct sunlight. Remember that your HVAC equipment will perform more efficiently in this cooler micro-climate. Experts suggest using tall trees, hedges and shrubs to get enough shade in your yard. However, make sure leaves, dirt and weeds don’t end up clogging the unit’s condenser.

Be mindful of grass clippings when mowing your lawn. Whenever you trim the grass, always check where the clippings are landing. Grass clippings can clog your equipment and cause significant damage. To avoid another costly AC repair, point your mower in a direction that won’t cause the cut grass to end up in your outdoor unit.

Never allow debris to build up near the unit. Keep in mind that, despite your best efforts, it’s still likely that debris from yard work will enter your unit. Consider turning it off, checking if there’s debris and cleaning it out immediately.

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