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Avoid common AC installation issues such as poor airflow, inadequate cooling, and the need for frequent repairs with the help of Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc.

Most people try to save time and money by performing AC installation themselves. This can be counterproductive and end up costing more in the long run as installing an air conditioning system is not as simple as it seems.

Below are a few common AC installation issues and how Econoair can help property owners avoid these problems.

Improper Unit Size

Choosing the wrong-sized AC unit is one of the biggest mistakes that can happen when installing a cooling system. The unit must accommodate the size of the home/office. A machine too small will work overtime while one too big will use more energy than needed.

The first thing the technicians at Econoair will assess is whether you have the correct sized unit for your site. Knowing the size of the space will help us provide the best recommendations while saving you money and energy.

Inadequate Airflow

Poor airflow is one of the more common problems when an AC unit is installed by an inexperienced technician. The reduced circulation can affect the quality of the air and increase airborne pollutants and mould.

Our professionals can optimize the airflow in your building by assessing the unit size, ventilation capabilities of the structure, and overall condition of the AC system.

Refrigerant Leaks

If the AC unit is not producing cold air or is making unusual hissing sounds, there may be a refrigerant leak. This can cause the AC unit to work inefficiently and lead to serious health problems if not addressed quickly.

The experts at Econoair have the knowledge and tools to investigate if there are any issues with the refrigerant during the installation. We will also ensure the right amount of refrigerant is used as too much can cause the lines to freeze.

Water Leaks

A water leak from an AC unit is one of the more damaging conditions seen with improper installation. This can happen if the condenser is installed incorrectly, if the drain line is disconnected, or if the ductwork is poorly fitted.

During installation, an Econoair professional will inspect and examine each component during initial connection and then test the entire system for proper performance.

Incorrect Thermostat Placement

The placement of the thermostat for an AC unit is vital. Not only does it ensure the unit operates correctly, but it can also conserve energy. If a thermostat is installed near a heat source, it can produce incorrect temperature readings.

As part of our assessment during installation, the technicians at Econoair will evaluate the best place for the thermostat. Direct sunlight, lamps, heaters, and other relatable sources can provide false readings, causing the AC unit to under or overperform.

Unreliable Electrical Connections

Insufficient electrical connections to the AC unit can be a serious hazard. During installation, it is imperative that the technician verify that the proper power source is available. Poor connections can result in the entire AC system being damaged—or worse, it could cause a fire.

The AC technicians at Econoair are also certified electricians to ensure the proper installation of the unit. We also perform an inspection and assessment of the current electrical system to make sure it is up to code.

Poor Insulation and Energy Conservation

An AC unit requires proper insulation to retain pressure within the suction line. Without insulation, the unit will freeze, damaging the interior components and completely stop working.

At Econoair, we understand the intricate operation of each component of your AC unit and will protect them from extreme temperatures to prevent the unit from working harder than it should. We ensure the AC system is insulated so that it functions optimally and is energy efficient.

Drainage and Condensate Issues

As an AC unit circulates air, airborne particles, dirt, and debris can build up and travel through the unit’s evaporator coil as condensate from the coil. This results in significant flooding damage to walls and floors, in addition to damage to the AC unit.

Econoair uses preventative measures to install and set up a proper drainage system with condensate management features. Our technicians will assess your space and recommend the best place to install the unit to ensure proper drainage.

Improper Placement of Condenser Unit

An inexperienced AC installer may place the condenser in a space that can do more damage than good such as in direct sunlight or near other heat sources. Improper placement can lead to the AC condenser overheating and cause significant problems such as damage to the components of the machine.

The professional technicians at Econoair understand the importance of proper condenser placement and will perform an assessment before installation begins.

Lack of Inspections and Testing

Without comprehensive inspection and testing during an AC installation, the owner risks potential damage to the unit. It is important to inspect the motor, blower, drain line, coils, supply lines, connections, and refrigerant levels to ensure your unit operates effectively.  

With Econoair, we perform testing on all components during and after installation to guarantee your AC is in proper working condition.

Not Hiring a Professional for Installation

One of the no-nos for AC installation is to treat the experience as a DIY project. If you want your AC to operate correctly, it needs to be installed correctly and this includes properly installing the ductwork, wiring, and the machine itself. One improper move and the unit could be severely damaged. Many manufacturers of AC units also require installation by a licensed professional for a valid warranty.

The technicians at Econoair are highly trained and certified in the installation of these and other HVAC systems. We offer various warranties and will also honour the original coverage offered by the manufacturer.

Choose the Professionals at Econoair for Reliable and Efficient AC Installation

For air conditioner installation, use Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. as your AC service provider. We offer affordable maintenance programs to ensure your air conditioning system remains in full operation to beat the heat. Contact us at 905-763-2400 to schedule your AC installation.

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