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HVAC Maintenance

There are dozens of HVAC contractors in Toronto, each specializing in various heating and cooling services. Some companies offer major incentives and discounts on installation and repairs for HVAC systems. Meanwhile, other big-name companies have been in the industry for decades. So, how do you navigate the hype and find a reliable and experienced company to hire?

If your HVAC system needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement, it’s important to hire a qualified technician who has specialized training, certification, and experience in working with all models and classes of HVAC systems.

Read our guide below for some helpful tips to help you choose a reliable HVAC contractor in Toronto.

1. Understand Your HVAC Needs

Assessing Your Heating and Cooling Requirements

Having an initial consultation and assessment performed by a professional HVAC company can help you determine the heating and cooling requirements of your home. Since Toronto’s climate is unpredictable, with cold temperatures for half the year and extreme heat and humidity for the other half, your HVAC system should be able to manage the fluctuating temperatures.

The Correct HVAC System Size

The size and layout of your home play a key role in the type of system you should install. If the system is too small for your home, it will have to work harder to heat/cool your home. In this case, the system may not be as efficient as you’d like. But if it’s too large for your home, you may not require such a large output and you could be wasting energy.

Potential Upgrades or Repairs Needed

A professional technician can provide you with a proper diagnosis to determine whether your HVAC system requires minor repairs or significant upgrades. If you find that your system requires frequent repairs, is performing poorly, is more than 15 years old, and/or has caused a significant increase in your energy bills, the system will likely need to be replaced.

2. Research HVAC Contractors in Toronto

Recommendations and Referrals

When hiring an HVAC contractor, gather recommendations and referrals from family, friends, neighbours, and online social media platforms. Take note of ratings set forth by various organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Credentials and Certifications

Do some research to find out if the HVAC company has fully licensed, experienced, and trained staff. Not sure how to verify their credentials? Look for logos on the company’s website that show the local, provincial, and national regulatory bodies they comply with, as well as the certifications they have earned.

3. Assess the Contractor’s Expertise and Experience

Experience with HVAC Systems

The HVAC contractor’s expertise and experience is crucial when searching for a reliable company to provide regular maintenance and checkup services for your unit. Look for companies that offer certifications in HVAC systems for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. In addition, a reputable HVAC company will require ongoing certifications to ensure everyone is kept up to date on the latest technologies.

Past Work and Case Studies

Ask each HVAC contractor for a portfolio of their completed projects and references from existing clientele. Online review sites such as Trustpilot, Goodman, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp can provide customer reviews and service ratings for different companies.

4. Ensure Communication and Transparency

Initial Consultation and Site Evaluation

There should be clear communication when requesting an initial consultation. The best way to determine your demands and needs, as well as an estimated completion time for an installation or repair project, is to have a technician perform an onsite visual inspection. The right system can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills and lower your energy consumption by half.

Openness About Services and Warranties

Make sure to have open communication with your HVAC contractor. This begins by establishing a detailed contract and outlining the services and warranties included with the HVAC system installation. Understanding the intricate portions of the service agreement such as repairs and regular maintenance is key when choosing the right company and HVAC system. Often, some parts and repairs are covered under a warranty.

5. Conduct a Cost and Value Comparison

Obtaining Detailed Quotes

Request an itemized estimate for installation and services to crosscheck and compare each HVAC company against its competitors. Review the quote with the technician as the cost of parts and labour can often increase the expected estimate. Compare the quality of service and the estimated costs of each competing company.

Payment Structures and Financing Options

Different companies have a variety of payment options and schedules that may be customized to fit your budget. Payment terms should be laid out in clear and concise wording. Many HVAC companies, as well as the three levels of government, offer financial incentives in terms of rebates and grants to help offset the initial cost of installation and purchase of the HVAC unit.

6. Finalize Your Decision

Making an Informed Decision

Making an informed decision involves considering the expertise and professional communication of the potential contractor. Use the outcome of time-dedicated research to help narrow down the services and products that are required. Consider the energy efficiency, long-term savings, and cost of repairs with each contractor you are considering.

Contracts and Scheduling Services

As part of the final decision to hire an HVAC contractor, reviewing all documentation and contracts before signing is vital. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the type of service package offered, the number of prescheduled checkups included, exclusions, and renewal terms before signing on the dotted line.

Choose the Best HVAC Contractor in Toronto

When searching for a reputable and reliable HVAC contractor in Toronto, contact the leading experts at Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. Our certified technicians provide excellent customer service with professional care to ensure you have peace of mind with your HVAC system. We also provide 24-hour emergency service. Call us at 905-763-2400 to request an appointment.

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