It’s important to make sure that all components of your HVAC system are well-maintained and in good shape. Dust and debris buildup can reduce the efficiency and functionality of the system. You also shouldn’t forget about your outdoor unit, as it’s more prone to damage due to constant exposure to the weather and harsh elements.

Here a trusted furnace repair expert shares how you can protect your outdoor HVAC unit from damage.

Proper Location 

You can ensure your air conditioner stays efficient by placing it in a good location with a lot of shade. AC units often run constantly during the warmer months, so choosing the right location for the installation of your outdoor unit will protect it from direct sunlight and heat. You should also consider your landscaping and avoid placing it where there are obstructions that could block air movement.

Regular Cleaning

Dust, grass and other obstructions can restrict airflow through the condenser and affect your AC’s ability to effectively cool your home. Remove plants around your outdoor unit to ensure optimal performance. You must also hire an experienced AC repair and maintenance contractor to maintain and clean your HVAC system. Regular care can keep your unit efficient, extend its lifespan and help you save on major repair costs.

Be Careful When Doing Yard Work

You must be careful when mowing your lawn or doing landscaping to prevent damaging your exterior HVAC unit. Make sure to clear debris away from the AC components. Debris like branches and stones can damage coolant lines and coil fins, and it’s not easy to get out foreign objects if they get stuck inside the unit.

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