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Thinking of upgrading your air conditioner? Or perhaps you simply want your existing one repaired. Before you call for air conditioner services in Toronto, consider the following factors that may indicate it’s time for a new air conditioning unit.

HVAC System Replacement

The Age of the AC Unit

One major reason to consider replacing an air conditioner is the age of the unit and the total efficiency of the system. Most heating and air conditioning professionals recommended replacing a unit once it reaches the age of 15 years.

Older units usually produce adequate efficiency for the better part of 8 years as they are exposed to outdoor environmental elements. While it is important to maintain regularly scheduled checkups and repairs as needed, an older air conditioner will need replacement eventually.

Rising Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills rising? Over time, an air conditioner’s efficiency will be reduced and its ability to cool your home will be diminished. An air conditioner in proper working order should be able to produce comfortable and cool air without causing a spike in your utility bills.

Older models usually require an increase of power to provide adequate cooling. It is important to track all energy bills and take into consideration any other causes for the increase. Chances are the AC will need to be replaced with a new system.

Outdated Technology and Features

Comparing the technological features of an older model to modern systems can be like comparing apples to oranges. While both offer cooling features, the advances of newer models are far superior compared to those built even eight years ago.

From higher energy efficiency and programmable thermostats to smart technology, installing a new air conditioner can save you money and produce the right temperatures on demand.

Freon Phase-Out and Environmental Considerations

Since January 1, 2020, all production and importation of R-22 Freon have been banned in Canada and the United States. This cooling compound has been proven to damage the ozone layer. It has been the main resource in air conditioners for decades.

As any existing freon can be used, the fact there will be no more available to purchase leads to more and more older models being phased out. Modern AC units use eco-friendly refrigerants.

Cost of Repairs vs. Investment in a New Unit

The best way to determine whether it is better to invest in repairs of an old air conditioner or to purchase a new system is to compare the short-term and long-term costs of each one. If the repair costs of a unit begin to build up even with regular maintenance, it may be time to invest in a new one.

Depending on the size and type of air conditioning system that would benefit the entire structure, trying to save a few pennies (or loonies) now may lead to bigger costs in the near future. A new unit may also provide an advantage with a new and lasting warranty.

Energy Efficiency and Financial Incentives

With a new air conditioner installation, one of the greatest benefits is the improved energy efficiency a home will receive. As the cost of energy rises and new technology is invested to produce better efficiency, homeowners can reap the benefits, both environmentally and financially.

There are various rebates, grants, and loan programs offered by different levels of government and manufacturers of air conditioning systems. The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program offers up to $10,600 in rebates for Ontario residents.

Benefits of Hiring Econoair for Air Conditioner Installation

Discuss the pros and cons of replacing an older air conditioner system with a newer one with a professional heating ventilation and air conditioning technician. Econoair Heating and Cooling Inc. offers exceptional customer service and top-quality products. Performing DIY with an air conditioning system can lead to a number of serious issues and health problems—hiring a professional is vital!

Along with sound advice, we offer professional service by certified technicians who know and adhere to local building codes and bylaws. We will assess the needs of your home and recommend the best AC unit to install on your property.

Contact Econoair Heating and Cooling Inc. for New Air Conditioner Installation in Toronto

Protect the health of your family while enjoying cool air this summer by contacting the expert team at Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. We can handle your air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repairs across the GTA. Call us at 905-763-2400.

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