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There are many homeowners who complain about odd noises coming from their furnace. This could be a sign of underlying HVAC problems that need to be addressed quickly. While furnaces make a clicking noise when they’re started, it’s not normal to hear clicking during normal operation. In this post, your trusted furnace installation expert, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., shares the causes of furnace clicking and how they can be prevented.

 Furnace Clicking

Why Is Your Furnace Clicking?

Listed below are a few reasons as to why your furnace might be clicking:

Bearing issue. If your heating system seems to operate normally except for the obvious noises heard, the bearings might be the culprit. Your inducer blower has bearings which may be the source of the clicking due to buildup or wear and tear.

Inducer issue. If you have an oil furnace, the inducer fan may have come loose, which could be what’s causing the clicking noise. It’s possible that it’s worn down over time and is struggling to operate due to dust buildup on the blades. Call on your furnace repair expert to clean and calibrate the inducer to fix the issue.

Ignitor issue. If your furnace clicks without even functioning, your ignitor might have an issue. Your furnace should click when it starts up. If it keeps clicking without igniting, you might have loose wiring or a damaged furnace ignitor.

Gas supply issues. Another possible cause of clicking is that gas isn’t reaching the pilot light. In turn, the ignitor will keep clicking until a flame starts. This could lead to a hazardous gas leak or even a fire. It’s also possible that there’s insufficient voltage or a faulty gas meter and thermostat controls. To get a thorough understanding of the issue, contact your furnace technician right away so that they can inspect it.

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