Your furnace can at times emit odors which indicate serious problems within the system. These issues shouldn’t be ignored nor addressed with DIY fixes, which can cause further damage to your unit. Keep in mind that furnace or AC repair is best left to the professionals for the safety of your system and household.

The following are furnace smells that require immediate attention.

Melting/Burning Plastic or Rubber 

A motor or some other electrical function in your furnace may be overheating if you’re noticing the smell of hot metal, burning plastic or melting rubber. These odors are usually a sign of an electrical-related problem. Turn off your HVAC unit and contact a local technician immediately if you notice these smells.

Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs can indicate that there’s a gas leak coming from your furnace. Get everyone out of the house and call your gas company as soon as possible. Stay in a safe place until professionals have repaired the leak. After it’s completed, get an inspection from an HVAC technician to determine if you need a furnace repair or replacement.

Burning Smell

Your furnace may release a burning smell within the first 24 hours after turning it on due to the dust that’s accumulated since it was last used. Turn off the furnace as well as the gas supply and contact an HVAC professional if the smell hasn’t dissipated after 24 hours.

Musty Smell

Moisture buildup in your unit can result in mold growth in the air ducts, which causes a musty smell. Mold can spread around your home as well and pose a health risk to your family. This problem can be solved by having an expert clean the air ducts and tackle the source of excess condensation.

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