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In today’s market, there is no better cooling system than heat pumps. Despite the name, a heat pump is used to cool a home or office during the hot summer months as well as provide the needed heat winter calls for.

A heat pump is an appliance that has a compressor that harnesses cold outside air to be transformed into heat for the interior of a home or office. During warmer months, the same unit moves heated indoor air out while providing a cooling effect. There are also ground-source heat pumps that can be implemented in the planning and design of new homes.

This year-round operation has allowed heat pumps to become one of the fastest-growing heating/cooling appliances in Ontario. Homeowners can improve their energy efficiency and lower utility bills by installing and regularly maintening a heat pump.

To support all Canadians, the federal government has introduced a Canada Greener Home Grant Initiative to assist in the costs of switching to a more energy-efficient heat pump. This welcome initiative is a sign that heat pumps are a more viable and cost-effective way to heat and cool a home.

Heat Pump

Energy Efficiency

One of the largest benefits of a heat pump is the incredible energy efficiency rating it provides, in comparison to an ordinary air conditioner or furnace. As the unit physically exchanges air rather than producing it, the energy use is lower than traditional options.

There are many types of heat pumps on the market with some providing better efficiency than others. In Canada, all heat pumps are required to uphold a specific energy efficiency rating with some provinces and municipalities demanding stringent guidelines.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is averaged by the cooling capacity and the operational energy required. This number should range between 13 and 21 with a higher mark on the scale providing the best efficiency.


While regular air conditioners and furnaces can supply the required comfort, a two-in-one appliance offers more bang for your buck. Using a heat pump for cooling and heating year-round saves money, reduces monthly energy costs, and creates a better home efficiency environment.

It is amazing to consider that the technology of a heat pump is able to draw heat from the outside air in the wintertime while reversing the process in the summertime to provide a cooling effect. One machine takes less energy and space.

Environmental Benefits

The design of heat pumps helps to reduce the carbon footprint as there are no emissions produced due to the need for the use of fossil fuels. This offers an environmentally friendly heating and cooling option for homes of all sizes.

An analysis by Siemens found “widespread adoption of heat pumps in Mississauga by 2050 could reduce city-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 25 percent”, as reported by the City of Mississauga.


The savings seen with the use of a heat pump begins with the energy efficiency of the unit. The initial installation and purchase of a heat pump can quickly be absorbed by the monthly cost savings. Every home requires heating equipment, while for some, the cooling aspect is a privileged option. Heat pumps offer the best of both worlds.

As an investment into the operation of a home, a ductless heat pump can offer the same cooling efficiency without the need for ductwork to be installed. It should be noted the size of the heat pump will determine the cost-effectiveness as one too small may need to work harder to cool a large home while one too large can be constantly cycle on and off, reducing efficiency. A technician can help you choose the right size.


A heat pump maintenance checklist offers a glimpse into the efficient running of the unit. The low-maintenance aspect of these cooling pumps does not compromise the top quality of energy efficiency and high savings costs. A bi-annual cleaning by a professional technician will ensure the heat pump is able to cool the home all summer long and provide heat during the cold months.

Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative

To help homeowners, the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative offers homeowners up to $10,600 in government-funded grants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This initiative offers grants for eligible energy projects such as windows, doors, insulation, solar panels, or heat pump installation. With respect to the installation of a heat pump(s), the grant provides up to $7,100 to eligible homeowners.

There is also money allocated towards the cost of a pre and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. In addition to a possible grant(s), homeowners may be eligible for interest-free loans up to a maximum of $40,000 to have these and other major projects to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes.

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