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If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to maintain your boiler regularly. A boiler that isn’t properly maintained can fail, and when it does, it can be expensive to repair. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of boiler maintenance and provide some tips on how to keep your boiler in good condition.

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What Is Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance is the process of keeping a boiler in good working order. Boiler service is typically performed by a qualified technician, and it involves regularly checking the boiler, making repairs as needed, and replacing parts that have worn out.

A boiler failure can be a major problem, resulting in costly repairs or even replacement. By performing regular maintenance, you can help prevent boiler failures and keep your boiler operating efficiently for many years to come.

Why Do You Need to Do Regular Boiler Maintenance?

You should have your boiler serviced regularly to avoid costly problems down the road. Below are some major reasons why boiler maintenance in Mississauga is so important.

Lowers the Risk of Boiler Failure

Servicing your boiler regularly can help to prevent boiler failures. In fact, statistics show that boilers that are not serviced on a regular basis are five times more likely to fail than those that receive yearly maintenance. As a result, it is important to have your boiler serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Most people don’t realize that boiler maintenance in Mississauga is not only important, but essential to the health of their boiler. A boiler that breaks down can be very costly to repair or replace, so by investing in regular maintenance, you can avoid this expense. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

Detects Potential Issues Early

A boiler service technician will be able to spot any signs of wear and tear and can often fix small problems before they become big ones. As mentioned above, a boiler failure can be very costly. By having your boiler serviced regularly, you can rest assured that it will be operating at its best when you need it most.

Uses Less Energy

A boiler that is serviced regularly will use less energy because it will be able to operate more efficiently. This not only saves you money on your energy bills, but it also prolongs the life of your boiler.

Prevents Carbon Monoxide Leaks

When a boiler fails, it often leaks carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas, so it can be hard to detect. By having your boiler serviced regularly, you can help to prevent the risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, keeping your family safe and your boiler working properly for years to come.

Complies with Local Safety Norms

Did you know that there are specific rules and regulations regarding boilers to keep homeowners safe? Boiler explosions can cause serious damage to property and, in some cases, death. In order to comply with local safety norms, it is essential that boiler owners have their boiler serviced on a regular basis.

Keeps the Boiler Working for Longer

Most boiler manufacturers will tell you that their boiler will last anywhere from 10-25 years, depending on the model. However, in our experience, boilers usually last around 15 years with proper maintenance. That being said, boiler service and maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your boiler and avoiding boiler failure.

Keeps the Warranty Valid

Regular boiler servicing is essential in order to keep the warranty valid and prevent boiler failure. In the event of a boiler failure, the warranty can provide coverage for repairs or replacement costs. A boiler service typically includes an inspection of the boiler, a safety check, and a cleaning. In some cases, boiler parts may need to be replaced.

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