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Did you know that having regularly scheduled air conditioner maintenance can not only save you money but possibly ensure the health and welfare of everyone in your home?

The unit may occasionally make a whooshing sound or a subtle humming. These are normal working noises. It is when the air conditioner begins to make strange or loud noises that it is important to call a professional HVAC company to inspect it.

Any new noises from the air conditioner unit inside or outside can lead to a breakdown or complete failure of the system. Understanding the various sounds can help your repair technician evaluate the seriousness of the situation and resolve the problem.

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9 Types of Noises from Your Air Conditioner

There are several unusual noises that can indicate either a minor problem that needs to be repaired or a potentially dangerous issue that could cause the unit to fail. Some of the more serious issues could be hazardous. Keep an eye and ear out for these noises:

Constant Banging, Knocking, or Clanking Noise

A loud banging or clanking noise can simply be a component such as a screw or nut that has come out of balance or free from its positioning. The noise may also be heard near the condenser.

Squealing Sounds

The same squeal you hear with a loose fan belt in a vehicle can be heard with an air conditioner system. The fan belt can easily move off track or wear down over time. This sound may also be linked to the motor of the fan or blower.

Screeching Sounds

A loud screeching noise can wake a sound sleep, and with good reason. It can indicate a dangerous refrigerant leak or high internal pressure that can quickly lead to a hazardous incident. If the noise is similar to metal-on-metal, it may be the fan bearings wearing.

Bubbling Sounds

Bubbling sounds from the unit can be alarming but any form of gurgling indicates an issue with the refrigerant line or the drain line. The condensate drain line can become clogged without regular maintenance.

Steady Pulsing

If you hear a steady pulsating noise, your air conditioner may need the screws retightened or additional insulation. It could also mean the refrigerant lines might be in contact with the walls of the house. A slow pulse sound, similar to vibration, maybe a loose fan blade or coil.

Hissing Sounds

An air conditioning unit that produces a hissing sound can signal several different issues. It may be a leaking valve, excessive pressure, or a refrigerant leak that can occur with regular wear and tear.

Whistling Noises

Any whistling noises that resemble a boiling tea kettle or train whistle can be a sign of a significant problem beginning. Whether it results in a clogged air filter or a leak within the unit, it will need to be repaired.

Thwapping Noises

A thwapping noise from within the air conditioner can be described as a short slapping sound. It can indicate interference of the blower blades which requires attention before damage to the major components occurs.

Rattling from the Outdoor Component

An air conditioner creates various sounds but a rattle within the compressor unit is a sign of a loose piece of equipment or that the motor is beginning to fail. In most cases, the louder the noise, the more serious the issue may be.

What Is Econoair’s 7-Point Safety Check Process for Air Conditioners?

With Econoair’s air conditioner maintenance plan, our technicians perform a 7-point Safety Check involving:

  • Checking for debris
  • Testing all equipment through the full operational and safety cycle following the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Measuring the temperatures on the evaporator coil and the airflow across the condenser motor and compressor
  • Monitoring the current draw on the fan and compressor
  • Ensuring the condensate system and evaporator coil operate properly
  • Taking superheat and subcooling readings
  • Checking the operating pressures

Contact the Professionals from Econoair for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Toronto

Have the professional team at Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. schedule your air conditioner maintenance in Toronto. Regular inspection will help you prevent potential issues and ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioner.

An HVAC system requires proper care and maintenance year-round. We offer comprehensive services with a number of maintenance and protection plans. Call us at 905-763-2400.

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