Having indoor plants is a great way to brighten up what could be an otherwise dreary room, but did you know they can also help purify the air inside your home? If you’ve recently had work done on any part of your house, such as a furnace install or any other construction project, the process probably left some lingering dust and contaminants. This can greatly decrease your indoor air quality, or IAQ. Fortunately, NASA researchers have recently discovered that having indoor plants around the house shows promise when it comes to improving IAQ.

Indoor Plants

Can having indoor plants truly make your home’s air cleaner? Let our HVAC specialists at Econoair Heating & Cooling share the real scoop when it comes to how plants affect your IAQ.

Yes and No

Unfortunately, the answer to the previous question isn’t as simple as the title of this research might suggest. As far as the findings go, plants can have a positive impact on the quality of your home’s air, but the results are far from significant. In fact, the changes in IAQ levels are on par with simply keeping up with your AC repair and maintenance, as well as installing an air purifier. The conclusion, however, is straightforward: plants can help improve your IAQ, but they shouldn’t be considered an exclusive solution.

Air Circulation

Even in HVAC-sealed structures, the amount of air that goes in and out of your home is staggering. One, two or even a dozen plants are simply not enough to keep up with this much circulation. For this reason, our experts recommend using the plants as an extra layer of filtration alongside your own air purifier to see truly significant results.

Positive Effects

It’s important to point out that this doesn’t discount the positive impact plants can have on your mood. To really maximize their benefits, make sure that you don’t neglect regular AC and furnace repair, maintenance and inspections.

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Find out how indoor plants contribute to your indoor air quality in this post by our AC repair specialists at Econoair Heating & Cooling.

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