With more people being forced to stay indoors due to COVID-19, the need for clean indoor air has never been greater. In today’s post, local HVAC ductless installation company Econoair Heating & Cooling, Inc., shares an overview of the Carrier Infinity® Air Purifier, a whole-home air purification system that can kill or inactivate up to 99% of coronavirus, bacteria and other select airborne pathogens.

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How Does the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier Work?

The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is an air purification system that’s designed to work with Carrier HVAC systems. Carrier’s Capture & Kills® technology cleans the air passing through the HVAC system air handler with a three-step process:

Charge — The Infinity Air Purifier generates electrically-charged ions at the air intake and saturates incoming particles such as dust and microbes as they enter.

Capture — The opposite charge on the air filters pull incoming particles into the pleated media. In contrast, standard air filters trap particles in the media fibers passively, which means smaller particles can still pass through. The Infinity Air Purifier can capture particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Kill — Captured particles may still be harmful. This is why the air filters are periodically subjected to an intense electric field that kills or inactivates them up to 99%. The Infinity Air Purifier boasts a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 15 for filtration efficiency. In comparison, a standard air conditioner installation system comes with air filters rated MERV 5 to MERV 8.

Is It Right for You?

A highly-efficient air filtration system complements health and safety practices such as regularly washing your hands and wearing a face mask when around others outdoors. Clean indoor air is especially important if you or a family member has health conditions that increase susceptibility to allergies and respiratory illnesses triggered by mold, bacteria and pet dander. With such conditions, upgrading your home’s air filtration system to the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is a worthy consideration.

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