If you’re planning to replace an old HVAC unit, many furnace repair and HVAC replacement experts recommend that your replacement unit be “properly matched”. Some homeowners might not be familiar with this term and why doing so is so important. In this post, your furnace installation specialist, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., shares the importance of using matching HVAC units.

HVAC Units Important

Mismatched HVAC Units Run Inefficiently

Replacing half of your HVAC system will definitely be cheaper in the short term, but can lead to costly, long-term issues such as premature deterioration due to mismatched components. It’s not ideal to have mismatched HVAC units since you’ll be compromising on your home’s energy efficiency, something that wouldn’t happen with matched HVAC units. You’ll be wasting a lot of money in the long run, leading to unnecessary energy consumption.

If you do decide to transition to matched units somewhere down the line, it can be costly to repair the damage previously caused by mismatched ones. Your AC repair expert will tell you that some issues can only be resolved when you replace the entire system and make the transition to a matched system.

Matched Units Work Better Together

Imagine having a modern outdoor unit with an old, outdated indoor unit. It won’t run as efficiently as it would if both the exterior and interior unit were matched. You’ll have better air quality and won’t have to worry about hot or cold spots in your home with matched units. They’re meant to work as a team to improve your home’s energy efficiency without sacrificing on air quality and home comfort.

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