Summer will be here before you know it, which is why you want to ensure that your thermostat is ready to handle anything the season brings. After all, it’s responsible for controlling the temperature inside your home. Thankfully, there are new “smart” or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that can open up a whole new world of convenience. In this post, the top thermostat and furnace installation expert, Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc., shares the benefits of ecobee smart thermostats to help you decide if they’re worth installing.

smart thermostat

Minimizes energy costs. The biggest benefit of installing a smart thermostat is the amount of energy you’ll save in the long run. With a smart thermostat, you can schedule your HVAC unit to run less when you’re at work or out doing other things. In essence, you’ll only need it to provide optimal cooling when you’re actually in your house. You can program your thermostat to activate right before your family members return home so that they’re welcomed by a cool, calm home atmosphere.

According to AC repair experts, ecobee SmartThermostat users save around 23%, and Nest users save around $10-20 per month. While the upfront cost might be $250 each, the rebates and amount of energy savings you’ll see year after year definitely make it worth the investment. It’s as if you’re paying only $30 for the thermostat for the entire first year.

Control temperature remotely. Unlike old thermostats where you have to be physically present to adjust the thermostat, this isn’t the case with smart thermostats. All you need to have is Wi-fi connectivity in order to control your home’s temperature remotely. For example, if you’re coming home early, you can activate your thermostat a few minutes before you arrive so that your home is cooled once you step inside. It’s also easier to track your energy usage since it gathers data and compiles it in a home energy profile that shows trends on how you use your energy and how it will affect your utility costs over time.

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