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Gas Fireplace Maintenance

More and more homeowners are switching to gas fireplaces as a “cleaner” way to heat their homes. Why? Because gas fireplaces don’t require wood and do not create soot.

If you have a gas fireplace, however, it still needs to be cleaned. In fact, cleaning your gas fireplace should be one of your top priorities in the fall season. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, a gas-supplied heating device has delicate and complex components that require meticulous attention and handling when cleaning.

Common Gas Fireplace Cleaning Mistakes

To ensure the health and safety of the home occupants during and after the cleaning process, below are some of the most common gas fireplace cleaning mistakes to avoid.  

Not Turning Off the Gas Supply to the Fireplace

While it may appear to be an obvious step in cleaning a gas fireplace, a common mistake made is not turning off the gas supply line. To prevent injury and damage, it is vital the valve of the gas line is turned off, the pilot light is off, and all components are allowed to cool before handling. Whether the fireplace has been in recent use or not, waiting a few minutes after shutting off the gas supply will ensure there is no gas left in the pipeline.

Not Cleaning the Fireplace Often Enough

The allure of having a gas fireplace often means lower maintenance compared to woodburning fireplaces—but that doesn’t mean NO maintenance! While it is advised to have the heating source professionally inspected and cleaned once a year before the cold weather sets in, getting into the habit of cleaning it monthly can help prevent potential problems. A dirty gas fireplace can lead to reduced efficiency and poor air quality while increasing the risk of a fire.

Neglecting the Fireplace Chimney and Venting System

When cleaning their gas fireplace, most homeowners concentrate solely on the larger visible parts such as the burner, logs, and interior of the structure itself. For an efficient and safe operation of the entire system, a thorough inspection and cleaning of the chimney and ventilation system is in order. With debris, dust, dirt, and animal/insect nests, it can cause hazardous conditions, especially within the gas line.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

One of the biggest, and possibly costliest, mistakes when cleaning a gas fireplace is using the wrong products. Homemade recipes and cheap shelf-cleaning products and supplies can cause significant damage to the components of the fireplace. A designated gas fireplace cleaner and a microfibre cloth are the best solutions when cleaning the fireplace.

Not Cleaning the Entire Fireplace

A gas fireplace has several components that need to be in good working condition in order to be a safe alternative heating source for a home. The burner, glass, hearth, chimney, logs, and even the surrounding structure need to be carefully cleaned. By not taking the time and effort to clean the entire fireplace, a homeowner can be putting the health and safety of the occupants in danger.

Not Hiring a Professional Fireplace Cleaning Service

Since gas fireplaces require meticulous cleaning and careful handling of all of the parts, not hiring a professional service may be the largest mistake made by homeowners. Without knowledge of the intricate workings and components of a gas fireplace, potential problems that can cause hazardous safety issues may be overlooked.

Why Choose Econoair for Fireplace Cleaning in Richmond Hill?

The cleaning of any type of fireplace is an important service that requires skills, knowledge, and the right tools. At Econoair, we check all the boxes with our promises of reliable, dependable, and fast service to ensure your home is prepared for the cold winter months.

Reliable Tradesmen and Punctuality

We understand how important your time is and that’s why we offer punctual service by a team of reliable staff. Our professionalism is one of the key reasons why our customers continue to use our gas fireplace services year after year.

Fast, Accurate Assessment of Requirements

Without compromising on the quality of service or products, we provide fast and accurate assessments for all of your heating needs. Our skilled technicians will custom tailor the cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to efficiently provide the best service for your fireplace.

No-Obligation FREE Quote

Growing from a small family business, we understand the importance of transparency and fair estimates when it comes to HVAC costs. We offer a no-obligation quote free of charge on all of our products and services with onsite consultations with our knowledgeable team. With Econoair, you can rest assured there are no hidden costs with the final installation, repair, or maintenance bills.

Skilled, Safe Workmanship and Attention to Detail

At Econoair, we believe in providing the same quality service we would expect in our own homes. Using proper equipment and the skills necessary to carry out the job effectively, our technicians ensure the safety of themselves, you, and your family are top priority.

Honest, Professional Workers and Exceptional Results

Our promise to deliver high-quality service stems from being in business for more than 20 years with highly trained staff in the HVAC industry. With a dedicated team of professional and honest hard workers, we are proud to provide excellent customer service with a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind.

Hire Econoair Experts for Fireplace Cleaning in Richmond Hill

We offer the highest industry standard of service and guaranteed workmanship for all our customers in the Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Toronto, and Mississauga regions.

The entire team of Econoair Heating & Cooling Inc. provides friendly and efficient service along with a 24/7 emergency service. Contact our expert technicians today!

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