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Whether your current heating system needs replacement or your existing boiler is not heating your home correctly, a new boiler installation may be on the horizon. But before you call a professional company for boiler installation in Toronto, make sure you choose the right boiler for your needs.

Consider the amount of hot water you and your family use, the size of your home, the preferred fuel source, and the age of your existing boiler system. The geographic location of the home may also play a major role since some parts of the country experience variable weather patterns.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a boiler for your home.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Boiler

Boiler Size and Capacity

Before any investment is made, it is crucial that you choose the right-sized boiler for your home to ensure the energy efficiency is sufficient. A small boiler may work overtime to keep up with demand while one too large will waste energy and increase costs.

Efficiency Ratings and Energy-Saving Features

When choosing a boiler, research and understand the various efficiency ratings and energy-saving characteristics. Newer boilers are more efficient with a potential savings of thousands of dollars over the long term. A proper heating system provides comfort in areas of the home or building when needed.

Fuel Type

Most homes in southern Ontario have access to natural gas, which is why this fuel source is the most commonly installed in buildings. Other fuel sources involve oil and electricity, depending on the availability and preferred method.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

If a new boiler is a replacement, the compatibility of a newer model with the existing system in a home will need to be investigated. A professional technician will be able to assist in determining if the existing system will support a new unit or if the entire system will need to be replaced.

Installation and Maintenance Requirements

The installation and maintenance requirements are dependent on the type, size, and model of the boiler chosen. As different boilers have various technical capacities, the maintenance schedule may differ and/or may require specialized attention.

Cost Considerations

Upfront and long-term costs for a boiler installation need to be considered. Newer models can have an initially higher price tag but are designed to help lower energy bills and increase efficiency over time.

Safety Features

Not all boiler units are designed the same. Invest in a boiler with prominent safety features that follow industry standards, guidelines, and regulations. When choosing the right boiler type, size, and model, ask for recommendations from a certified professional. 


There are various budget concerns to ensure the right boiler is chosen. Energy-efficient boilers have a higher initial cost with long-term savings on energy bills. Different manufacturers and suppliers offer financing options to warrant the right type of boiler installed based on your unique needs. 

Boiler Installation Tips

Regardless of the make or model of the boiler, protect the investment by opting for an extended warranty from the manufacturer and/or unit provider. It should protect against accidental damage, breakdowns, and other issues.

For peace of mind and safety reasons, hire a certified boiler installer. Check for references, a successful track record, and whether they are registered to work with natural gas. Ask for referrals from companies, friends, family, and the local trade association.

Boiler installation requires proper ventilation for a safe operation. The venting is needed to prevent a buildup of harmful gases, especially carbon monoxide. The area should also be well-ventilated with access to fresh air. This also involves ensuring the existing flue is sufficient or a new one is properly installed.

Regular boiler maintenance helps to maintain the safe operation of the unit and provides an opportunity for a certified technician to note any potential issues. Over time, boilers need to have parts replaced and are susceptible to leaks.

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