Airflow issues are among the most common heating, ventilation and air conditioning problems at home. Restricted airflow puts a strain on the system and hinders it from delivering the desired comfortable indoor temperature. This could result in hot and cold spots throughout your house, warm air coming from the vents when cool air should be blowing, strange whistling noises and more.

Here a ductless installation contractor shares the main culprits of poor airflow issues and the simple solutions:

Obstructed Condenser Unit

A condenser unit is used in central air conditioning systems. It’s commonly located outside the house or in a mechanical room. It can become obstructed due to leaves, mud and other debris that have accumulated around the unit. If your condenser is in a separate mechanical room, it can be hampered by other storage items and equipment. This component can overheat if there’s a lack of maintenance or not enough airflow getting to the air conditioning unit.

Fortunately, this is a common airflow issue that typical homeowners can fix by themselves. Start by clearing the area around the condenser unit, then make sure that the motor and fan blades are clean.

Blocked Vents & Registers

One bit of advice from an air conditioner installation technician is to confirm that all vents and registers are open and aren’t being blocked by furniture. For example, if a storage cabinet inadvertently gets moved in front of your AC register when rearranging furniture, it will impede the airflow in your home. Check your system and make sure that proper air pressure is maintained.

Clogged Filters

Air filters trap dirt, dust and other particulates to remove them from indoor air. The filter will become extremely dirty and clogged if you go too long without cleaning or changing it. This impedes the healthy airflow of the HVAC system, leading to stuffy air and random hot and cold areas throughout your home.

Remember to change your AC filter as frequently as once a month to avoid dealing with issues such as restricted airflow and poor indoor air quality.

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